Summa Systems, developer of wireless connected lighting components and data-driven ambience control software, MOprojects, a leading manufacturer for high-quality bespoke interiors and Utilicht, an independent specialist in lighting solutions and integrator of the Summa system, have announced an exciting partnership.

The start of this partnership was the build of the new Utilicht showroom. Both Summa Systems and MOprojects were asked to provide their solutions and expertise to deliver a stunning showroom experience with exquisite design and smart lighting.

From that moment on the idea of a collaboration was born. Merging first-class interior furnishing from MOprojects with the ambient intelligence system from Summa Systems will elevate the experience in any space, but especially in retail environments. Adding the lighting and Summa experience of Utilicht to integrate the lighting and Summa components correctly into the design the possibilities could be endless.

Where online meets the offline world

Nowadays, in the digital era, the online world gets more and more integrated with the world of bricks and mortar. Summa Systems enables to collect data and analyze online customer and guest behavior to physical spaces. By developing the first ever data carrier and connectivity hub that is embedded in lighting, the Dutch company delivers a solution way beyond just lighting control. Digital innovation is also high on the agenda of MOprojects, helping their customers stay up to date with for instance remote control of screens and digital signage, the use of daylight-adapting lighting or data collection on customer behavior.

Data-driven shopping experiences

“Summa Systems and MOprojects are on the same page, looking at how you can optimize the use of spaces” says Chento, founder of Summa Systems. “With the heat grid sensors in our system you can collect accurate insights based on real-time and anonymous data. Think of people counting, stopping time or walking routes. You can learn how people really experience your spaces. And together with Utilicht as lighting experts we have a very strong synergy to offer a unique retail experience, that is both eye-catching and smart” he continues.

The wireless app controlled lighting solution including sensors can also compete with existing lighting systems in terms of price. “I think for our customers, there are incredible benefits and opportunities in shopfitting with Summa System’s innovative features. This is a whole new way of lighting, maybe even a small revolution!” says Stefan Deelmann, Managing Director of MOprojects about the cooperation.

“It’s obvious that beautiful interior and lighting are inseparable to create an engaging atmosphere”, adds Robert Didden, CEO of Utilicht. “Next to this, in retail the lighting will determine how the products appear to potential buyers. The products are designed with great care and detail where the right lighting will take these details to the next level.”

Curious how this partnership can offer a first-class atmosphere experience, including high quality interior design, connected lighting and sensor-driven data collection? Please get in touch and we are happy to tell you all about the possibilities.