Our measures for environmental protection

Corporate responsibility

As a manufacturing company, we see it as our duty to help shape sustainability in the economy. This applies to our materials as well as to the entire production process and the training of our employees. In addition, we pay attention to environmentally friendly production methods when choosing our partners and suppliers (e.g. through Blue Angel certification), for an all-roundsustainable process. Through regular audits and certifications (e.g. Lean & Green), our process is constantly monitored with regard to sustainability and environmental protection. In addition, we and our employees take further measures beyond the certificates in order to work as sustainably as possible.

Pflanze als Symbol für Nachhaltigkeit
“What we do today determines
what the world will look like tomorrow.”
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Protecting the environment and natural resources is an important part of our value-driven self-image. For this reason, we have set ourselves clearly defined guidelines for environmental protection and process wood from sustainable forestry. For this, we have had ourselvesFSC® certified. We also use environmentally friendly lacquers for our sustainable furniture.


In addition, our company was already certified according to the ÖKOPROFIT programme in 2013. This proves that we have carefully examined our operating processes for opportunities to protect the environment and save costs, and have made the appropriate adjustments to build furniture responsibly and sustainably.

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To create more transparency for our customers and partners, we have ourselves rated annually by ecovadis. Ecovadis is the leading independent international platform for sustainability ratings. In 2022, we received the Bronze Medal for Sustainability from ecovadis.

Further measures for environmental protection

Corporate responsibility starts with small things. With many small steps and changes, we are always making our way of working even more sustainable. For example, our wood waste is used to generate heat and thus heat our work and office rooms in a resource-saving way. We already generate 90 % of the heat we need ourselves. Furthermore, we use the energy of the sun by covering a considerable part of our electricity needs with our photovoltaic system. Furthermore, our measures include:

  • Noise insulation and insulation in our productionto protect our employees and neighbours

  • Use of energy-saving and long-lasting LED lighting. Lighting is only used when the lighting conditions require it.

  • If hazardous substances, e.g. thinners, lubricants, have to be used without alternative, they are properly stored and disposed of, and our employees are trained in their use.

  • Waste separation and recycling are carried out meticulously for all materials. Packaging materials and material residues are also reused.

  • Reduction of print documents through digital alternatives

  • Where possible, air-powered equipment has been replaced with energy-saving electrical alternatives.

  • Transport is reduced by working with regional suppliers and bundled transport. Use of lightweight but strong materials to reduce weight and thus save CO2

  • Reduction of travel time and distance for business trips and assemblies, as well as accommodation in accommodation close to the projects.

  • Sustainable materials are used, which can be customised on a project-by-project basis at the client’s request.

You can find more on the topic of sustainability in our downloadsand on sustainable materials in furniture construction on our page onsustainable solutions.

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