Individual houseboats with luxurious furnishings

Houseboats or house yachts are absolutely in vogue and not without reason. The all-round view of the water makes them a relaxing oasis of well-being that can change its location as needed. Whether as a holiday home for private individuals, a spa or a restaurant – the possibilities are diverse. As professionals for high-quality and exclusive interior design, we have brought on board a partner from the Netherlands who has years of experience with houseboats. Together we produce MOhouseyachts for private and business customers: exclusive, high-quality and individual.

MAC Shop on a cruise ship by MOprojects

Your houseboat individualised instead of personalised

What makes MOprojects houseyachts different from other houseboat suppliers? We focus on modular construction and individuality. Existing and proven construction methods and basic sections are used as a basis, but individual adaptations in cut and furnishings are in the foreground. While elsewhere often only standard with slight personalisation is offered, our customers can determine all details themselves. In addition, as with MOprojects GmbH and Schwanekamp Interior, we stand for the highest quality in materials and manufacturing of the exclusive interior design of your MOhouseyacht. Sustainable wood, fine fabrics, marble, atmospheric lighting and much more – you wish, we implement.

Luxuriöse Inneneinrichtung Hausboot
MOhouseyacht auf dem Fluss

Furnishing the MOhouseyachts

Just like the interior design of the houseboats, the technical details can be determined according to your wishes. The substructure is made of steel or aluminium, which gives the boat more stability than the usual substructures. Otherwise, the choice is also made according to requirements: Should the MOhouseyacht have a motor so that you can sail it yourself with a skipper or with a licence? Or is a floating boat for towing desired? The installation of air conditioning and heating systems is also no problem, so that the houseboat can be used all year round.

Current MOhouseyacht models

Besides the possibility to have the houseboats custom-made, we also offer prefabricated houseboats. The first simple-modern MOhouseyacht is for sale at, and another model is already in the works.

cruiseliner Quantum of the Seas
cruiseliner Quantum of the Seas
cruiseliner Quantum of the Seas
cruiseliner Quantum of the Seas

All-round service for your houseboat purchase

Together with our Dutch partner, we offer you advice and services for your new houseboat. Whether you wish to finance the boat, need support in finding a suitable mooring, would like to buy the MOhouseyacht as an investment for later rental, or have any other questions: please contact us.

Your contact person for MOhouseyachts

Marc Heinen Sales Manager Moprojects Shopfitting

Marc Heinen