Your advertising message just in time

A display is now much more than a digital picture frame for your advertising. Apps and remote control allow you to flexibly and individually adapt the screens in your shop fittings – at any time and in any place. Whether it’s spontaneous changes to the advertising videos, individual playback according to time or location, split screen for parallel advertisements and other information, special functions for interactive advertising options or, or, or, ….. This is the revolution of advertising displays.

Why Digital Signage from MOprojects

There are many providers of digital signage, but we are the specialists when it comes to the needs of retail brands and their customers. With many years of experience in shopfitting, we are not only familiar with the technology of the screens, but also with the planning, design and installation of the furnishings and know what is important for the right shopping experience.

  • Through the MOsignage system, we have the possibilities to remotely adjust your videos in real time

  • If, for example, there are events or a new update, we can simultaneously upload a new video in the store – without the need for time-consuming and cost-intensive personnel deployment.

  • Our Wifi router provides its own Internet access, so we are independent of the WLAN of the store

  • Your digital signage screen arrives directly in your furniture and is installed and set up at your premises by our fitters, including the software – everything from a single source and completely uncomplicated

Your advantages of MOsignage at a glance

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Flexible change of advertising content


Parallel control of stores worldwide


Automated content planning

furniture symbol

Integrated directly into the furniture

Split Screen

Split screen for parallel advertising

live content

Display of LIVE content

Interactive advertising possibilities

Interactive advertising possibilities

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Linking with Smart Retail solutions

Customised interior design including MOsignage

As shopfitters and interior designers, we specialise in high-quality custom-made furniture. Whether you want to furnish a shop or an attractive reception area in a hotel or business building – we plan and manufacture exclusive furniture including MOsignage for you. Benefit from our experience and let us convince your customers and guests.

Innovative functions and possibilities at the point of sale

MOsignage can do much more than present advertising and information in real time. Combined with different extensions, interactive use of the screens or even the measurability of customer behaviour become possible. Its innovative functions could be:

  • The customer picks up perfume X and the right scent is sprayed on

  • When a lipstick is taken out of the holder, a different advertising video plays than with the eye shadow

  • Body heat sensors measure which product is taken from the shelf most often or which shelf has the most people standing in front of it

  • The customer can call up further information about the product on the screen

  • How many customers are in the shop on which days of the week is measured – data protection compliant!

  • A screen can be used to search for a specific product in the shop without the customer having to search through all the shelves

  • What idea do you have that we haven’t listed yet? We will implement it for you! Learn more about Visual Merchandising, besides MOsignage, on our Smart Retail page.


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