Your interior design project creatively and cost-oriented planned

At the beginning of every project there is an idea for the design concept and often also a certain budget. Combining these aspects with the highest possible quality is possible with Value Engineering. Through years of experience in the industry and in dealing with a wide variety of materials, we are able to quickly find solutions for many supposed problems that are in no way inferior to the original plan, appearance and quality. In this way, we can always meet your budget in the best possible way without compromising on quality, or even optimise it in some cases.

This is how value engineering works


You already have an idea of how
you want your shop or interior design project to look.


A budget for the interior design project has already been set and must not be exceeded.

New solutions

With new design ideas and material alternatives, we bring budget and desired design together in a cost-optimised way.

Respected partner for designers
and interior architects

There is (almost) no such thing as “can’t”. We understand the basic design ideas of interior architects and designers and also find the right implementation option for special shapes and constructions. Value engineering does not only mean cost optimisation, but also stands for the solution-optimised planning of high-quality furniture with extravagant designs. In this way, we make the special an everyday reality and are able to produce and assemble exclusive interior furnishings for a reasonable budget.

Exclusively furnished Louboutin shop by MOprojects

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