Support beyond shopfitting, from lighting design to merchandising

In addition to classic shopfitting, other details such as lighting design, fragrance marketing, merchandising, maintenance and much more can ultimately be responsible for the success of your new shop. So leave nothing to chance and turn to our team with confidence. We will support you in making your business even more successful. Through our decades of experience, we have already developed and successfully implemented many ideas.

Merchandising for the success of your shop

An appealing shop fitting is the be-all and end-all for the first impression on the customer. By adding further fine details, you can convince them of your brand even more effectively and sustainably. From visual merchandising through screens with remote-controlled advertising messages to special decorative elements to multi-sensory marketing with scent and music – there are many ways to inspire your customers.
We will work with you to plan a convincing overall concept.

lippenstift Modelle für Regaldeko

After Sale Service

For your all-round carefree package, we not only plan and build theinterior of your shop, but also take care of stocking the sales area and storing your accessories (units, mirrors, … ) on request. We ensure an optimal presentation of goods in your shop and the handling in the background and are your competent full-service partner in shop fitting.

hygiene concepts for your shop

Especially in today’s world, it is clear that hygiene has become more important when shopping and in general. In order to protect your customers and employees, we develop hygiene concepts for you that conform to guidelines and are ideally integrated into your shop without disturbing the customer during his shopping. For a safe and relaxed shopping experience.


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