Sustainable and diverse materials for your interior design

Sustainable furniture includes not only a sustainable company policy and environmentally friendly production, but in particular the use of sustainable materials. The demand on our products is always the highest quality and an exclusive look. To ensure this also under the aspects of sustainability, we are always looking for innovations for materials and other components for our furniture. So that your interior design is not only exclusive and high-quality, but also sustainable.

Sustainable wood-based materials

Furniture with a wooden look is noble and timeless. For reasons of sustainability, cost and, in some cases, weight, we have looked at various wood-based alternatives. We make sure that the suppliers of laminate or HPL, MDF and chipboard are also PEFC™ and FSC® certified. We also use suppliers that are as close as possible to us in order to keep transport distances as short as possible. This also applies to the supplier that produces our panel edgings, which is only 50 km away from our company.

Furnierte Wabenplatte
byredo shop furniture

A wide variety of sustainable surface materials

Depending on the customer’s visual requirements, we offer surface materials with a wide variety of properties. With each material, we have the ecological benefit in mind and can thus fall back on high-quality and sustainable materials for numerous purposes and different designs.
In addition, the flexible, sustainable plastics can offer confusingly similar alternatives to natural stone, glossy paints containing harmful substances and numerous other surfaces. They are often lighter, less sensitive and to some extent recyclable.

Sustainable production materials down to the smallest detail

From the panel to the coloured lacquer to the adhesive, every component is well thought out and tested, so we can find the best possible solution for all requirements. Lightweight and environmentally friendly honeycomb panels, glue from ecological production, recycled felt or wool felt as a sustainable fabric alternative are just some of the materials that help us to produce the end product sustainably.

Nachhaltiger Filz
End of Life Cycle

Reuse after
end of life cycle

Not only are our components sustainably made, they can also be reused after the furniture has been deconstructed. Care is taken in the design to ensure that the furniture can be easily disassembled back into individual components after use, so recycling and reuse as a whole and in individual parts is hassle-free.

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