What is my personal dream job? It’s not so easy to make the right choice here. We at the MOprojects Group asked our own apprentices how they came to choose carpentry as a profession and what they like about it.

Why an apprenticeship in the trade?

Our apprentices all have one thing in common: the joy of making something with their own hands. While some have acquired a taste for it through various internships, others have already built, crafted and tinkered a lot in their free time. It is incredibly exciting to see how a final product is created from a wide variety of individual parts and materials by working on it yourself.

What makes the apprenticeship as a carpenter interesting?

If you enjoy making things, wood is a versatile material. With a wide variety of tools and processing methods, as well as in combination with other materials, there are countless variations in furniture production. Whether it is sales furniture with integrated screens, cabinets with effective lighting, wall panelling with fine ornamentation or the furnishing of complete rooms: The projects in carpentry are insanely diverse and varied. Moreover, it’s nice to see the progress you’ve made on your own project at the end of the working day.

What is special about the carpentry training at MOprojects?

The MOprojects Group specialises in high-quality custom-made furniture, so every project is new and different. Shop furniture for Chanel, Tag Heuer, Valentino, Giorgio Armani and many more and luxurious furnishings for business premises or private individuals in international locations are the order of the day. Due to the specialisation in the luxury sector, many other unusual materials are used for the furniture in addition to wood. Be it exotic fabrics, rare natural stone, gold flakes cast in acrylic or special details from the company’s own 3-printer – the possibilities are endless.
In addition to the exciting projects, the apprentices here also enjoy a particularly good working atmosphere. People joke with each other and help each other out. In the apprenticeship, you get a lot of personal responsibility right from the start, you can work independently, but you always have a contact person for questions. The training supervisor is always there to give advice and support if you need help with drawings, schoolwork, forklift driving licences or exams. Another plus point according to our apprentices is the constant change: at regular intervals, you are assigned to a different journeyman carpenter and thus go through all the stations in production. In the third year of training, the apprentices also get to know the other professions in the company and complete one week of practical training each in work preparation, purchasing, costing and project management. In this way, they learn how a project runs from start to finish.

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