The department store La Samaritaine in Paris is one of the world’s most famous addresses for exclusive shopping experiences. The department store was closed for 16 years due to renovation work. The opening was postponed several times until the doors finally reopened in June 2021. (More information on the history can be found in the German Tagesschau article.) The magnificent department store with a lot of history houses a good 600 brands and the largest beauty department in the EU. Visitors can expect impressive architecture, Parisian flair and products ranging from sneakers to exclusive luxury perfumes. We are proud that we were allowed to plan and realise the shop fittings for six top-class cosmetics brands in this unique department store.

Technical innovations at Lancôme and Armani

The shops of Lancôme and Armani impress not only with the exclusive interior design built by us, but also with new technical innovations. Lancôme’s innovative Shade Finder, for example, determines the customer’s exact skin tone so they can choose the perfect foundation for them. In its shop, Armani offers an engraving machine that allows customers to customise the products they buy directly on the spot. These technical innovations paired with first-class furniture, screens and fine details make shopping an experience for customers.

First-class interior design for other beauty shops

We were also allowed to plan, produce and install the interior design for the shops of the high-quality beauty brands Estée Lauder, Jo Malone, Kilian and Bobbi Brown. High-quality backwalls and free-standing furniture made of various materials as well as appealing lighting and screens ensure the perfect product presentation in the most exclusive department store in Paris.